Banquette & Fixed Seating

Bespoke Banquette Seating and Made to Measure Fixed Seating

Banquette and Fixed Seating

Bespoke banquette and fixed seating, hand-crafted by experienced craftsmen in the UK for restaurants, bars, public houses, cafes, hotels, offices and retail outlets. We work closely with many of the UK’s top interior designers and architects to manufacture and install bespoke fixed seating for any purpose in the commercial sector.

Our bespoke fitted seating offers maximum comfort without compromising on style and design. We use only the highest quality foams and fabrics, which guarantee luxury and longevity.

We manufacture fixed seating for the customer whose prime objective is that of economising space and getting the most out of the available area; the client who is looking for bespoke seating to fit a theme or style; and even the customer who just desires to stand out from their competitors.

Whatever your requirement; we can make it happen!

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AJ Cook and Son Coreys Fixed Booth Seating

Dining Booth & Shaped Fixed Seating

Dining Booth and shaped seating are a popular choice of bespoke fixed seating as they offer a relaxed, practical and visually attractive environment for your customers.

High-Backed fixed seating and circular booths are a popular choice as they offer an intimate and private ‘VIP’ space that customers appreciate. This type of seating can offer a cosy atmosphere that can enhance customer experience.

Back-to-Back booths are a modern, space-efficient seating solution. They are a stylish, comfortable and sturdy option of group seating.

Booths are also ideal for offices and work areas. They are an attractive and functional choice for welcome seating areas, communal workspaces and meeting hubs. They offer a relaxed and smart space for the modern working environment. Why not add bright colours to add vibrancy and give your office a fresh feel.

At A.J Cook and Son we can create dining booths in many shapes and designs, such as:

  • Circular Booths
  • Back-to-Back Booths
  • Grand Back Booths
  • Wingback Booths
  • Deep Button Booths (in any shape)
  • High-Backed Booths
  • Corner Booths

Banquette Seating

Our banquette seating is a great way to save space and maximise the amount of customers that you can comfortably seat around a table or feature.

Banquette seating utilises every inch of floor space alongside walls, and avoids the overcrowded and cluttered feel that standard chairs alone create. We can tailor-make banquette seating to suit your style and budget and offer an expansive range of fabrics, leathers and vinyls in a variety of colours, patterns and finishes.

Banquette seating might be the missing touch that your establishment needs to make it feel unique.

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